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2019 Season

League matches

  • Matches to start at 8.30pm. 
  • Home team to provide Chalkers and to write players down on the card first.
  • In ALL DIVISIONS, order of play is 2 singles, pair, 2 singles , pair, 2 singles, pair. Singles matches are 3 legs each and the pairs are also 3 legs (play all 3) making 27 legs in total. 
  • Singles is 501 flying start, double out. Pairs is 501 double in, double out. 
  • Home team to throw for bull first to decide who goes first in leg 1 then use alternate bull in legs 2 and 3.
  • Bust back is to be enforced in all League and Cup Matches (If you Bust your score, then you return to the score you were originally on before the start of your throw)


  • League tables will be compiled on the basis of 2 points per win, with legs difference separating teams tied on points. 
  • At the end of the season in the event that 2 teams vying for a top 2 trophy spot are tied on both points and legs difference then the results between the effected sides would be used to determine the standings, if they still can't be separated then a playoff would have to be played prior to finals night at a neutral venue under normal league match rules to decide the winner. 
  • No league tables will be sent out during the course of the season. All results and the latest tables will be available on the website regularly updated each week. 

Cup competitions

  • There will be the usual Mark Drew Memorial Cup, Consolation Cup, Singles knockouts and Pairs knockouts. Entry to the Mark Drew Memorial Cup and Consolation Cup is included in the signing on fee. All sides will play in the Mark Drew Memorial Cup, the Consolation Cup involves sides that are knocked out in the Preliminary round and 1st round proper of the Mark Drew cup.
  • The format for the cups is 6 x 3 leg singles matches randomly drawn from a hat, making 18 legs all together, should the teams be tied at 9-9 then the captains should elect 1 player each to play in a singles best of 3 legs match to decide the result.
  • Bust back is to be enforced in Cup Matches (If you Bust your score, then you return to the score you were originally on before the start of your throw)
  • The usual 8:30pm start with home team providing the chalkers and the responsibility for returning the result card and texting the result in. 
  • The semi finals of the cups to be played at neutral venues to be decided nearer the time with the final to be played on finals night. 
  • Teams that reach the semis and final of the cups must only field players that have played a minimum of 6 league matches prior to the semi finals.
  • The singles and pairs will cost a minimal fee which will be decided prior to the events with the semi-finalists of both competitions to play to a finish on finals night. Entry forms for these will be sent out nearer the time.
  • To be eligible to enter the pairs or singles knockouts, players must have played 50% of their teams league games in the season. Special dispensation may be given at the league secretaries discretion.

Cancelling Matches

  • Captains may cancel a match providing they give at least 24 hours notice to their opponents and the league secretary, however would captains bear in mind it can sometimes be difficult to re-arrange games so to only cancel if absolutely necessary. Teams are not permitted to "claim" games and every effort will be made to replayed during the season. If for some reason a game is unable to be played then the League Secretaries will talk with both teams and discuss a fair and reasonable solution
  • The league secretary will communicate with both teams to try and rearrange the game. The league secretary must be notified of the date of re-arranged games if the teams sort out another date themselves. Games could also be played on another night away from Thursdays but this will be down to the agreement of both captains. The League will not force teams to play on another day of the week.

Result cards

  • A CLEAR picture of completed results cards is to be sent in on the SAME NIGHT as the game is played, the result card must be clearly filled in with each players first Initial and Surname (No first names only), any 180's or High checkouts and both team Captain's signatures. You will receive a confirmation text informing you that the picture is accepted

  • Please would all teams keep all their completed results cards and return them to us at the end of the Season so we can store them in our archive

  • There will be a £5 fine for late pictures of cards being sent in 

  • There is no minimum age to play in the league but if a team is planning to field a minor, will the team captain out of courtesy phone the away team to check that they are allowed onto their premises.
  • This is a men only league


  • A main large cup is awarded to the champions of each division, the knockout cups and the single and pairs champions. 
  • These must be returned prior to the finals night of the following season so they can be awarded again to the new champions.
  • Smaller individual trophies (6 trophies per a team, any extras can be ordered and paid for)are awarded to the winners and runners up in each division and winners and runners up in the cup . A trophy is also given to the player(s) with the most 180's in the season and the player(s) who scored the highest out and the winner of each divisions individual standings.
  • To be eligible to win the Individual Standings Trophy at the end of the season, players must play around 2/3rds of all Singles matches in the Season (10 out of 14). The League Secretaries my alter this limit at their discretion.

Signings on

  • Players can be signed on on the night in the space provided on the card as long as they haven't already played for another team 
  • Transfers are only allowed with the secretary's approval and a payment of a £2 fee, no transfers permitted after the midway point of season.
  • The league secretaries reserve the right to not allow transfers or new signings if misuse of the rules is suspected by teams

Other rules

  • The dartboard must be firmly fixed to the wall with the centre of the bull 5?8? from the floor. The oche to be positioned 7?9 ¼? from the base of the board, at right angles to it, and clearly marked (not with chalk).